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Migration from Google Workspace to M365

by | Jul 4, 2022 | Business, IT Services, IT Support, IT Support Enterprise, Microsoft, Office 365

Migration of your users from Google Workspace to M365 (Office 365 ) can be daunting. So you started off with Google Workspace and now your business has reccomended its time for you to switch out your businesses cloud infrastructure which handles your emails, calendar and contacts to name a few essentials. Migration is where we can help you.

Why migration?

There are many reasons for switching platforms

  • aquisition of a new business merging systems into the fold
  • compliance with local laws
  • intergration of cloud based business applications
  • Security concerns, requiring two-factor authentication (2FA) fintech and corporate structures
  • Your cloud data needs to be backed up, distaster recovery.
  • M365 Applications included in subscriptions are business critical

itsupportify can Migrate your business

From Google Workspace

to M365

Google Workspace itsupportify
Microsoft Office 365 - M365 - ITSupportify

Whatever your business requirements are, we are here to help. In general the migration from platform to platform requires data gathering about your organisation, user, your required outcomes post migration, clear defined milestones before moving to staging,implementation and going live before clearing up your old platform.

For smaller migrations the timescale is less, for medium to large migrations we have experience of 250+ users migrations that can take a few weeks depending on the project.

Making any migration seamless, effective and less disruptive to your business are key to our “done for you” ethos. We keep stakeholders informed and strive to deliver on time, should there be any issues around trainging, setup of devices we offer an care package that circumvents issues with users facing difficulties with the migration process.

Need additional licences for M365?

How about a free trial of M365?

Need help administering your M365?

Growing so fast you need a IT partner to fill in the gaps?

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We can help you!

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